Traceability in medical X-ray imaging dosimetry


X-ray imaging is an important technique used in medicine however it’s use forms the largest component of exposure to artificial ionizing radiation. Consistent quantification of a patient’s exposure to radiation with calibrated dosimetry equipment is essential to comply with Council Directive and ensure patient safety. Currently, the procedures used by calibration laboratories, based on relevant standards and international protocols, do not fully consider the recent technical developments in X-ray imaging. This project will perform a critical assessment of conditions applied in calibrations and study the performance of different dosimeters. Updated measurement and calibration procedures will be proposed for inclusion into standards and protocols.

Work Packages

WP1: Revision of reference radiation qualities
WP2: Classification of dosimeters based on their performance
WP3: Development of harmonised calibration and measurement procedures for X-ray multimeters
WP4: Validation of established calibration methods
WP5: Creating impact
WP6: Management and coordination